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    LinkLK brings together like-minded people, providing a forum where the community is able to amplify and harness the strengths and capabilities of its constituent members. LinkLK technologies provide a myriad of tools that assists our users with their day-to-day tasks. The real power and value of LinkLK lies with our user base.

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    TicketsLK, the “One Stop Ticket Shop”, offering our customers the convenience of booking tickets online with the click of a mouse, from the comfort of their home/office and having it delivered to their doorstep.
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    A bundled service which serves dual purpose to sports enthusiasts and sports centres to manipulate sports facilities via internet at their convenience. SportsLK members are privileged with an opportunity to reserve sports facilities featured on the website. Conversely, the member Sports centres have advanced access to publish facilities, manage user reservations, manage special events & tournaments etc. online. Go to Site

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    The consolidated financial solution which manages all savings, checking and investment accounts in one place. Users dealing with many financial institutions are strongly benefitted by the exceptional features provided by FinanceLK. The Portfolio view of FinanceLK provides a complete picture of a user’s “Net Worth" at a glance. Go to Site

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    Site that addresses the needs of automobile lovers in Sri Lanka is the www.autoslk.com where individuals can keep track of their vehicle maintenance records and provides the benefit of reserving their services online.

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Apply our expertise & experience to provide the tools & services we always wished we could buy.

Evolve continuously by keeping close to emerging methodologies & technology.

Combine the best practices we’ve learned from inside and outside financial services field.

Recognize that our value come from augmenting our client’s capabilities not supplanting them.


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    Latest - 3 New Theaters opening-up in Majestic City,to be partnered with TicketsLK. Partnered with Liberty Lite Cinema, Sri Lanka's newest theatre, a 130-seat auditorium which caters to those who want to watch the latest movies in comfort.
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    The main idea driving behind SportsLK is to make all sports facilities available for online reservations. A bundled service which serves dual purpose to sports enthusiasts and sports centers to manipulate sports facilities via internet at their convenience.
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    We at SportsLK joined with two new partners. Sri Lanka Tennis Association partnered with SportsLK to allow its customers the ease of online reservation. Now tennis enthusiast can simply book the time they want to play with a simple click of a button.

About Ridgecrest

Ridgecrest was founded in 2005 by two Wall Street veterans, with the aim of providing products and services to the financial services community.

The company’s initial focus was on trading and investment technology, but has over time encompassed general high performance transaction systems, web technologies, graphics and UI development.

Recognizing the fact that consumers are now demanding convenience and appreciate methods of reducing time spent on day-to-day tasks, the company is currently focused on a variety of online solutions which would appeal to technology savvy consumers.


Mr. Sanath Fernando, who co-founded Ridgecrest Financial in the United States, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Ridgecrest.

Mr. Fernando is a product of D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo and was a professional athlete. He holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and BSEcon in Finance also from The University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Fernando's career spans over 19 years, of which 13 years was in the securities industry where he held several high profile positions such as Managing Director of Schwab Soundview Capital Markets, Vice President of Epoch Partners, and Principal of Banc of America Securities.

At Schwab Soundview Mr. Fernando ran the program trading technology group, giving the trading desk the ability to differentiate itself with technology and the technology team for the program trading business at Banc of America Securities. At Epoch Partners he ran the trading technology organization, building an equity trading platform on a shoestring budget and spinning off a trading technology startup.

At the start of his securities career, Mr. Fernando developed quantitative trading systems at Susquehanna International Group. Prior to Susquehanna, he worked as an engineer at a small embedded system company.

Mr. Fernando is a Citizen of the United States of America. He is married with two children.

He returned to this Country to establish and run the Ridgecrest Sri Lanka office.

Mr. Fernando is a member of the Presidential Task Force and functions as the ambassador for English & ICT development.

Staff Highlights

Ridgecrest is made up of a dynamic team of multi-disciplinary professionals and support staff. They come from scientific, technical, managerial, and professional disciplines. Staff members are diligently selected with particular consideration given to their experience, values and ability to cater to the individual needs of our customers.

We have five major departments: Engineering, Quality Assurance, Support, Admin/Finance and Marketing.

Given that the Ridgecrest work environment is a unique blend of work and fun, new strategies and approaches are constantly used to bring about a paradigm shift in individual and team behavior. Ridgecrest focuses on continuous staff education, keeping abreast of new technologies and new developments in our client business domains.

The contributions of Ridgecrest staff are numerous and varied and underpin the Company's important "Embracing Technology, Empowering People" ethos.

Corporate Responsibility

Commitment to social responsibility runs through the entire company.


We strongly believe that the future of Sri Lanka rests in the hands of future generations and hence are strongly committed to preparing the next generation of leaders and workers and improving the public schools in Sri Lanka. Our programs pave the way for reforms in the public school systems around the country.

We are also working with schools in rural areas to grant them access to IT & English education.

Computer Donation

We believe in doing our bit to improve the IT skills of children in rural schools and as an initial step donated computers to a school in the outskirts of Matara. We also took on the responsibility of educating some of the teachers in this school so that they could pass on the knowledge gained to their students.

IT-BPO Career Fair

The Company has participated in several IT-BPO career fairs in order to raise awareness of the importance of an IT education and the role it plays in our day-to-day lives.


We believe in giving to the not so fortunate and the staff at Ridgecrest periodically collects funds and resources to distribute among orphanages in Sri Lanka.



Ridgecrest is always looking for talented technology and business professionals in Sri Lanka. We offer competitive salaries and benefits as well as the potential to share in the firm's success through bonus and stock option plans. We run a relatively “flat” organization with minimal hierarchy. We provide career paths for both individual contributors as well as more management minded personnel. We also welcome those who wish to join us as part time or on contract basis.

We are always looking for truly exceptional candidates with a rigorous background in software engineering or computer science.

You too could be part of exciting team and to experience the difference. Apply online for current openings here

Contac Us


Ridgecrest Asia (Pvt) Ltd.
113, 5th Lane,
Colombo 03.

Telephone Number
P : (94) 11 2370876

Fax Number
F : (94) 11 2370878

[email protected]